Sasan Maleki

  Contact Info

Sasan Maleki, Ph.D.

Computer Scientist

I am a postdoctoral research fellow at Sharif University of Technology and technology consultant at Deerpa Co.

In my PhD, I developed highly efficient algorithms to address the computational issues of the Shapley value in large-scale real world problems, particularly in the smart grid. Among others, I have also developed a smart thermostat, algorithms for predicting air temperature and the carbon emissions of the UK electricity grid, optimisation algorithms for coordinating the air conditioning of multiple houses, and an algorithm for detecting leaks in water networks.


  PhD Research

A quick overview of some of my PhD research on applying the Shapley value in the Smart Grid domain

  Smart Thermostat


  • National Elites Foundation postdoctoral fellowship, 2017
  • EPSRC fully-funded PhD scholarship, 2011
  • Distinction in master's, University of Southampton, 2010
  • Ranked second in bachelor's with a GPA of 87%, IASBS, 2009
  • Qualified for exemption from Iran's nationwide entrance exam for master's studies, 2009

  Research Interests

  • Smart homes

  • AI in the Smart Grid

  • Gaussian processes

  • Cooperative game theory

  Power TAC Competition

I was part of the team IAMPower and SotonPower, in charge of developing demand prediction algorithms and optimal bidding strategies. In the tournaments held at IJCAI 2011, our agent won 4 out of 5 games.

  The Energy Quiz

In a collaboration with BT Research, I developed an online game-like quiz with an aim to populate data about people's perception of energy consumption and saving. I was responsible for the scientific research in the project as well as developing the back end and leading a group of front end developers.


  Other Projects

  • windmill

    Winditricity: A carbon intensity real-time and forecast display for UK wind power producing companies that offset their generation shortfall through non-green sources.

  • agent

    Phoneix: An autonomous trading agent that places bids in the keyword ad auction comptetion TAC AA

  • movie

    Film Ontology Design: An ontology for modelling scheduled film screenings (in OWL 2 using Protege and Fact++)

  • text

    JClassify: A naive Bayes text classifier (in Java)

  • memory

    LogicGates: A digital circuit designer and optimizer using Genetic Algorithm (in Java)